SmartPulse SmartPulse Bluetooth®
SmartPulse Bluetooth
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SmartPulse SmartPulse Certification®
SmartPulse Certification
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SmartPulse SmartPulse General®
SmartPulse General
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SmartPulse SmartPulse Premium®
SmartPulse Premium
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General Model Features: It has no LCD monitor and battery. It is only used with the computer by USB cable. (not the same as pictured above)

Bluetooth Model Features:It includes all the features of the Smart Pulse General and Premium and additionally it can be used with the Smart Phone or tablet by Bluetooth technology for the Android or I Phone systems.

SmartPulse is designed to check ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) function, Stress and Peripheral Blood Circulation. It provides objective data to diagnose psycosomatic disorder such as Depression, Anxiety, Sleep disorder, Poor concentration, Mental/physical stress degree, chronic fatigue and blood circulation.

  • Simpleoperation with one button
  • Simple & compact size
  • Convenient usagewith a computer
  • Memory of 5 tests
  • Easy reading of the Result
  • Short measuring time within 3 minutes
  • Print-out of measurement result
  • Track of accumulated history
  • Auto-recharging when connect to the PC
  • ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) function test
  • Measurement of the minute change in heart beats
  • Pressure change in the blood vessel
  • Monitoring of blood circulationv
  • Customized solution for healthcare

Product Reports

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